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The perfect Dogging Finder

Sex is no longer vanilla. Today's generations of risk takers and adrenalin junkies are increasingly saying no thanks to boring bedroom-based shenanigans and instead, are heading outdoors to turn up the heat.


A recent survey in the USA revealed that 76% of Americans have had sex outdoors and 69% say they've got it on in a place where they risk being caught. We're talking on a beach, at the top of the Coney Island Wonder Wheel, in the NYC subway, at a baseball game, on hiking trails and even rest stop restroom (kinda gross we know).


Across the Atlantic, it's a similar story, with one in three Brits declaring themselves comfortable having sex outdoors. As a dogging finder site, we're all for living out your wildest fantasies in public.

What Should You Look for in Dogging Locations

If you draw the line at make outs in motorway services, but still want to enjoy steamy sexual encounters someplace public, we're here to help with a few tips on what to look for when scouting out perfect dogging locations.

Look for somewhere that offers some privacy

The ideal dogging locations all have one thing in common; they're somewhat secluded and afford you and your chosen partner or partners a little privacy.

While seclusion is desirable, that doesn't mean you need to trek into a forest for hours on end. Rather that your chosen dogging spot should be somewhere fairly quiet where you don't have to worry about being spotted by people who aren't dogging. Think a darkened corner of a deserted car park, a quiet corner of a park after hours or a clearing just off a hiking path.

It should be easy to reach

When anticipation is simmering at boiling point, the last thing you want to do is spend hours driving out of your way or going round in circles because the dogging location is impossible to find. Don't pick somewhere so far off the beaten path that it's too difficult to find otherwise you'll end up annoyed and frustrated before you even get started.

It should feature on dogging finder

One of the attractions of dogging is that you never know what other likeminded individuals or couples you're going to encounter. Therefore, you'll want to know that the location you choose is one that's also popular and known to other doggers.

Using a site like Dogging Finder means you'll easily find a dogging location that meets your criteria, is safe, suitable and is known to other doggers. Choose somewhere no one else knows about and you might find that you spend all night sitting around for something to happen. And that would be a wasted opportunity!

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Find all the active dogging locations near you. Your will be surprised just how close they are. It's all about the right place at the right time.

Far from having to drive around a dogging spot aimlessly to find some action, you instead simply need to sit, login and search for some local doggers near you. What's more, actually driving around may well make for an unnecessary attention drawer from the law! Of course, if you're using a sex dogging site, you can pre-arrange your dogging meets in secluded spots, usually a car park in a dark secluded location.