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Why Women Go Dogging

Why Women Go Dogging

There's a lot of people out there who enjoy dogging, many of which are women. Don't make the mistake of assuming that dogging is something that men are more interested in, as this is not the case. If you visit any of the popular dogging locations across the UK, you will be able to meet women doggers. So, why do women go dogging? Well, there are a handful of reasons and we have taken a look at them below.

Why Outdoor Sex and Dogging is Popular With Women

  • They Enjoy Being Watched - For a lot of women, it's the thrill of being watched that draws them to dogging. There is a lot of excitement, knowing that you are being watched and turning other people on. Dogging is hugely popular among voyeurists and those who like to put on a performance.

  • They Want to Spice Things Up - Many women go dogging as a way to spice things up in their sex life. Whether it's because things are fizzling out with a partner or regular sex has become somewhat mundane, dogging is a fantastic way to explore something new and exciting.

  • It Feels Exciting and Naughty - There is something naughty and risqué about dogging, which is a huge turn on for a lot of people. It's hard to create a genuine feeling of being naugthy in the bedroom, which is why so many people enjoy outdoor sex. It's a way of doing something you shouldn't be doing, within the safety of a car or dogging location.

You Can Meet Doggers Today

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