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Where Are The UK's Most Notorious Dogging Sites?

Where Are The UK's Most Notorious Dogging Sites?

If you know anything about dogging, you will know how important dogging sites are. Knowing where to meet other doggers is key, but finding the information online can be difficult. Think about it, not many people are going to want to publicly advertise where they go for outdoor sex. Luckily, there are a number of notorious dogging sites for you to check out in the UK.

The Top 10 Dogging Locations in the UK

With so many dogging locations in the UK, knowing where to head can be a tough decision. After all, you are surely going to want somewhere to meet doggers and enjoy outdoor sex without the stress of being seen or caught by the wrong people. This is why we have listed the top ten dogging locations in the UK. From Oxford to Birmingham, you can enjoy dogging anywhere. So, where will you be heading?

1. Manchester
2. Oxford
3. Croydon
4. Liverpool
5. Leicester
6. Nottingham
7. Glasgow
8. Northampton
9. Bristol
10. Birmingham

As you can see, there are a tonne of notorious dogging sites in the UK. You shouldn't struggle to find a dogging location close to where you live, especially if you are located close to a major city or town. Though we have listed ten of the top dogging sites, there are hundreds more dotted throughout the UK. This means there is something for everyone. With a little bit of research, and by meeting other doggers, you will soon know all the best places to go dogging.

Meet Other Doggers

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